Our Story

About Ginger
Ginger has been used from long ago to boost immune system and warming our body. In today growing society, instant drink is not only needed for its practical used; It must also be safe to be consumed every day. Our survey has proven that many consumers are getting bored of the common taste of instant ginger drink, therefore we developed innovative ginger drink here at Profood using only premium ingredients.
Instant Ginger Drink
Since there are way too many benefits of gingers, we are not going to lists each and every single one of them but most importantly at Profood, we wanted to maintain the tradition of drinking ginger tea in Indonesia. With this goal in mind, we decided to incorporate new and unique twist for our ginger drinks, so that people will not get tired of the traditional taste of ginger drink but can still get the same benefits.
Unique Product
Why are we unique u ask?
At Profood we always strive to provide our customers with quality and innovative products. Our formula is specially designed to give stronger ginger flavor and aroma. It comes in many different flavors to cater for all age groups, we utilize modern and hygienic production process in order to provide you with products that are safe to be consumed every day.
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